Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake?? No Way!!!

What did I do today??...Survive an earthquake!!   We're visiting my Dad in Philly for a few days and decided to take a day trip to Atlantic City. We were in a gift shop on the boardwalk when the quake hit.  TJ and I felt the floor vibrating and saw one of the shelves shaking, we wondered what was up but didn't think much of it.  When we left the store we overheard lots of people talking about an earthquake, but it still didn't register.  Tim finally decided to ask someone what they were talking about and they told us about the earthquake... 5.8 magnitude and the epicenter was in Virginia!  We were shocked.  Tim and my Dad didn't feel anything on the boardwalk, but a lot of people on the beach felt it and they had evacuated some of the stores.  I never thought I'd experience an earthquake, guess now I don't have to add that to my bucket list (smile).

No layout today since I'm away, but here's a couple of photos from our little trip.


  1. Gemiel so happy you all are alright. Yup we felt it to. The building was shaking. I thought it was me. Call Daphne and Juan same reaction.

  2. I was wondering about you! I'm glad you weren't home if that makes sense.

  3. Gemiel praise the Lord, you all are doing ok . O ya, we felt it here.