Sunday, November 2, 2014

College Visits

Hi everyone,

Here it is November already.  My last post was Sept 1, I can't believe 2 months have gone by so fast.  I was put in charge of our church's annual Harvest Festival and that's taken a lot of my time and focus for the past 2 months.  We had a great event, lots of people in attendance and everyone had a wonderful time.  Now I have some time (until the next event LOL) to spend blogging.

TJ is a senior this year and he plans to attend college after graduation so we've been doing some college visits lately.  We actually started the process during spring break and visited some more schools during the summer and fall.   He's decided that he wants to attend school in Virginia and we have a wealth of schools in the state to choose from.   Today I'm sharing a layout from our first visits:  Virginia Tech, U VA and VCU. Of these 3 schools, VA Tech is the only one that made his list.

My goal for the next few months is to get all of TJ's school albums (kindergarten thru 12th grade) completed before he graduates on June 12, 2015.   I thought I was completely done with elementary school until I recently found a stack of photos from 4th grade that I hadn't scrapped.   I'll keep you updated on my progress and share some layouts every now and then.

Sharing this for Week #43 Anything Goes blog challenge at Scraps of Color.

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  1. What a fabulous spread, Gemiel! It's wonderful thing to document!
    I'm very happy to see you back but planning a Harvest Festival sounds like a great reason to be gone! :o)

  2. Lovely to see you back Gemiel - sounds as though you were really busy!! Love your layout - what a great record to keep.

  3. Beautiful LO and wonderful memory to scap, congrats and best wishes to TJ as he makes this very important decision. Hope you are able to get all of his LOs done before graduation!

  4. Wow I can remember his layouts as a child. Time really flies and it's awesome that you have been preserving the memories.